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Awards, Honors and Distinctions


  • National Academy of Engineering
  • 66 patents


National Academy of Engineering:

  • Elected member

American Institute of Chemical Engineers:

  • Ansys Particle Technology Forum Service Award 2017
  • 67th Institute Lecture 2015
  • Wilhelm Award 2013
  • 100 Chemical Engineers of the Modern Era 2008
  • E.V. Murphree Award in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2006
  • Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research 1996

American Society for Engineering Education:

  • Chemical Engineering Division, Union Carbide Lectureship Award 1999

Council for Chemical Research:

  • Malcom E. Pruitt Award 2000


Chinese Academy of Engineering:

  • Elected member 2009

Engineering Conference International:

  • International Fluidization Award of Achievement 2007

International Pittsburgh Coal Conference:

  • International Pitt Award for Innovation in Coal Conversion 2008

KAIST, Daejeon, Korea:

  • 6th Annual Global Distinguished Lectureship at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) 2016

Mexican Academy of Science:

  • Elected member 2005

National Taiwan University:

  • Distinguished Research Chair 2017-19. The highest honorific visiting appointment.

Republic of China:

  • Academician of the Academia Sinica 2006. The highest form of academic recognition in the Republic of China in Taiwan.

Tianjin University:

  • Awarded academic title, "Truth Seeking Master Teacher," the highest scholarship honor given by this university in 2018.


Industrial R&D:

  • Research 100 Award 2014


The Ohio State University:

  • Joseph Sullivant Medal 2005. One of Ohio State’s highest honors, this prize is awarded every five years.


Chronological Awards:

85. Awarded academic title, "Truth Seeking Master Teacher," at Tianjin University in 2018.

84. Distinguished Research Chair at National Taiwan University (2017-19).

83. Plenary/Keynote Lecturer of the following National or International Conferences:

  • 4th International Chemical Looping Conference, Nanking, China, September 25-28, 2016.
  • Banff International Research Station EPIC – Enabling Process Innovation through Computation, Banff, Canada, August 8-12, 2016.
  • 41th International Technical Conference on Clean Coal and Fuel Systems, Tutorial, Clearwater, Florida, June 5-9, 2016.
  • International Fluidization Conference XV, Fairmont LeChateau Montebello, Canada, May 26-31, 2016
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency Symposium on “Co-Generation”, Tokyo, Japan January 29, 2016

82. Distinguished Lectures

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, ExxonMobil Distinguished Lecture, April 4, 2017
  • McCabe Lecture, North Carolina State University, Chemical Engineering Department, March 27, 2017
  • Centennial Technical Lecture, West Virginia University, Chemical Engineering Department, March 24, 2017
  • Zhang Tayu Lecture, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (2017, date - TBD)
  • Korean Advance Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Global Distinguished Lecture, Daijeon, Korea, December 6, 2016
  • Banquet Keynote Lecture, Chinese American Chemical Society meeting at AIChE Annual Meeting, San Francisco, November 14, 2016
  • Honeywell/UOP Invitational Lecture, September 21, 2016

81.  Plenary/Keynote Lecturer of the following National or International Conferences:

  • United Oil Product (UOP) ISL (Invitational Lecture Series) Lecture, IL, September 20, 2016.
  • International Fluidization Conference XV, Quebec, Canada, May 26-31, 2016.
  • Japan Science and Technology Agency Symposium on “Co-Generation”, Tokyo, Japan January 29, 2016.
  • 8th U.S./China Chemical Engineering Conference, Keynote Lecture, October 13, 2015.
  • The 67th Institute Lecture of AIChE at its Annual Meeting in Utah, November 15-20, 2015.  
  • 5th UK-China and 13th UK Particle Technology Forum, Leeks, U.K. July 12-15, 2015.
  • Gordon Conference, Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage, Stonehill College, MA, May 31 – June 5, 2015.
  • XXI International conference on Chemical Reactors CHEMREACTOR-21, Delft, Netherlands, September 22-25, 2014.
  • 2014 International Pittsburg Coal Conference, Pittsburgh, PA, September, 2014.
  • International Conference on Engineering Science and Technology (ICEST) 2014, organized by the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technology Sciences (CAETS), Beijing, China, June 2-3, 2014.
  • 7th World Congress in Particle Technology, Beijing, China, May 19-22, 2014.
  • 2013 Ohio Coal Association Annual Meeting, Columbus, Ohio, September 26, 2013.
  • 11th International Conference on Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering (in conjunction with the 9th World Congress of Chemical Engineering), Seoul, Korea, August 19 – 22, 2013.
  • 14th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (APCChE 2012), Singapore, February 21 – 24, 2012.
  • National Energy Technology Laboratories (NETL), U.S. Department of Energy Workshop on Fossil Energy Flows and Reaction Engineering, August 16-18, 2011.
  • 13th Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering Congress (APCChE 2010), Taipei, October 5-8, 2010.
  • 2010 Sustainable and Green Technology Symposium, National Taiwan University, July 3, 2010.
  • 12th International Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering ( ISCRE-21), Philadelphia, June 13 – 16, 2010.
  • 1st International Conference on Chemical Looping, Lyon, France, March 17 – 19, 2010.
  • 2009 AIChE Plenary Session on “Energy Policy and Technology”, Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tennessee, November 9, 2009.
  • 2009 U.S. - Korea Conference, Raleigh, North Carolina, July 16-19, 2009.
  • 2007 First International Conference on Sustainable Energy, “Gasification – IGCC, Hydrogen, Liquid Fuels. CO2 Control and Beyond”, Taipei, Taiwan, December 12, 2007; 2008 Second International Conference on Sustainable Energy, “Chemical Looping Technology”, Taipei, Taiwan, September 18, 2008; First Sustainable, Green Technology (Academia Sinica) Symposium, “Carbon Dioxide Separation and Sequestration Strategy for Clean Energy Conversion Systems”, Taipei, Taiwan, June 28, 2008.
  • Invited Lecturer, DECHEMA Workshop on CO2-Capture, -Utilization and –Sequestration – Status and Perspectives, Frankfurt, Germany, January 21, 2008.
  • American Physical Society National Meeting, Coal Gasification, Denver, Colorado, March 5-9, 2007.
  • 2nd North American Symposium on Chemical Reaction Engineering, Chemical Looping Processes, Houston, Texas, February 4-7, 2007.
  • National Academy of Engineering Section 3 Meeting “An Important Energy Source, Coal – Present and Future Research on Gasification of Coal” Keck Center of the National Academies, October 16, 2006.
  • John Davidson’s 80th Birthday Symposium, Cambridge University “Forward-Looking Chemical Engineering”, University of Cambridge, UK, July 13 – 14, 2006.
  • 5th World Congress on Particle Technology, Lake Buena Vista, Florida, April 23-27, 2006.
  • “Sustainable Contributions by Chemical Professionals” Symposium – Chinese – American Chemical Society 25th Anniversary Symposium, 231st American Chemical Society National Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, March 27, 2006.
  • E. V. Murphree Symposium, 231st American Chemical Society National Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia, March 27, 2006.
  • 4th USA/China/Japan Joint Chemical Engineering Conference, Beijing, China, Oct. 11-13, 2005.
  • 4 th World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, Aizu, Japan, September 5-8, 2005.
  • National Meeting of Mexican Association of Chemical Engineers, Acapulco, May 3-5, 2005.
  • British Visual Center for Industrial Process Tomography Annual Conference, Huddersfield, England, April 6-7, 2005.
  • 11th International Fluidization Conference, Ischia, Naples, May 9-13, 2004. 
  • International Multiphase Flow Workshop, Japanese Society of Multiphase Flow, Tokyo, Japan, December 8, 2003.
  • 3rd World Congress on Industrial Process Tomography, Banff, Canada, September 2-5, 2003.
  • Instituto Mexicano de Ingenieros Quimicos, A.C. – XVII Reunion Nacional Estudiantil, August 6, 2002.
  • 5th International Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering Conference, Melbourne, Australia, September 24, 2001.
  • International Fine Particle Research Institute Annual General Meeting, Gainesville, Florida, June 6, 2001.
  • 7th Engineering Foundation Conference on Chemical Reaction Engineering: Computational Fluid Dynamics, Quebec City, Canada, August 6-11, 2000 (invited speaker).
  • Chinese Chemists and Chemical Engineers Society meeting at AIChE National Conference, Atlanta, March 6, 2000 (Banquet Speaker).
  • NSF Plenary program on Emerging Particle Technologies FormCA Vision to the Future, at AIChE Annual Meeting, Dallas, October 31, 1999.
  • Chinese National Particuology Conference, Zhu-Hai, China, October 12-16, 1999.
  • 4th International Conference on Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering, Delft, The Netherlands, August 10-1, 1999.
  • 1999 American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference (delivered Union Carbide Lecture, June 22, 1999).
  • The 3rd Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan, Symposium on Fluidization, Nagoya, Japan, December 4-5, 1997.
  • CHISA'96 (International Congress of Chemical Engineering) Praha, Czech Republic, August 25-30, 1996.
  • 5th International Circulating Fluidized Bed Conference, Beijing, China, May 2-7, 1996.
  • 2nd International Conference on Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactor Engineering, Trinity College, Cambridge, U.K., March 27-29, 1995 (Conference banquet speaker).
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineer's Annual Meeting (sponsored by National Programming Group 3B-Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems), San Francisco, CA, November 13-18, 1994.
  • Chemeca'94-Australian Chemical Engineers Congress, Perth, Australia, Sept. 28, 1994.
  • Fourth China-Japan Conference on Fluidization, Beijing, China, Sept. 9-13, 1991.
  • Society of Chemical Engineering of Japan, Nagoya, Japan, September 9, 1991.
  • French National Congress on Gas-Liquid and Gas-Liquid-Solid Reactors, Nancy, France, October 24-26, 1990.
  • The Second World Congress on Particle Technology, Kyoto, Japan, September 19-22, 1990.
  • Third China-Japan Conference on Fluidization, Beijing, China, September 12-15, 1988.
  • Japanese Chemical Engineering Conference on Fluidization, Nagoya, Japan, May 26, 1983.

80.  2014 R&D 100 Awards, R&D Magazine, jointly with ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) on “HECLOT: High-Efficiency Calcium Looping Technology (Environmental Technologies), August, 2014. 

79.  Named by Columbus Business First “Who’s Who in Energy 2013”; selected by the Business Times as Who’s Who In Energy 2014.

78.  India Institute of Chemical Engineers’ Chemcon-2013 Distinguished Speaker Award – Deepak Group’s Padma Bhushan Prof  L K Doraiswamy Chemcon Distinguished Speaker Award, received at the Indian Chemical Engineering Congress, December 27-30, 2013.

77.  Elected to Foreign Member, Australia Academy of Technology Science and Engineering (ASTE), November 22, 2013.

76.  Elected to Fellow, National Academy of Inventors, 2013.

75.  AIChE’s R. H. Wilhelm Award in Chemical Reaction Engineering, 2013; one Wilhelm Award Honoring Session at Annual AIChE Meeting in Atlanta, November 17, 2014.

74.  Innovator of the Year Award, Ohio State University, October 11, 2012.

73. Distinguished Lecturer

  • Plenary Lecture, Tsinghua University Chemical Engineering Forum, October 10, 2015.   
  • EPIC Keynote Lecture, Louisiana State University, May, 1, 2015. 
  • Arizona State University, April 3, 2015.
  • Pei-Yang Lecture, Tianjin University, China, December 5, 2014. 
  • Washington University, St Louis, Energy, Environmental and Chemical Engineering Department (Ryckman Lecture), April 11, 2014.
  • The City College of The City University of new York, Chemical Engineering Department  (Reuel Shinnar Lecture), December 9, 2013.
  • University of  Kansas (Provost’s Bold Aspirations Lecture), April 30 – May 1, 2013.
  • Missouri Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering Department (Academy Lectureship), April 18-19, 2013.
  • University of Southern California, Chemical Engineering Department, January 24, 2013.
  • Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering Department, 2013.
  • University of Alabama, Chemical Engineering Department, 2013. 
  • Carnegie Mellon University, Mechanical Engineering Department, March 30, 2012.
  • University of Utah, Chemical Engineering Department, April 5, 2011.

72. Appointed Honorary Professor, Tsinghua University, P.R. China, October 16, 2010 – October 15, 2013.

71. Journal of Taiwanese Institute of Chemical Engineering Festschrift Issue in Honor of L.-S. Fan (comprising 12 articles), Volume 40, Number 6, November 2009.

70. Texas Distinguished Faculty Lectureship in Chemical Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, April 20, 2010.

69. Elected as a Foreign Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering, November 10, 2009.

68. Best Paper Award in Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems, Particle Technology Forum, 2008 AIChE Annual Conference, awarded on November 11, 2009.

67.  2009 Charles Ellison MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching, College of Engineering, Ohio State University, May 4, 2009.

66. 2009 Western Distinguished Engineering Lectureship, The University of Western Ontario, April 9, 2009. 

65. Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research Festschrift Issue (comprising 42 articles) in January issue, 2009 in Honor of L.-S. Fan.

64. National Taiwan University Distinguished Alumnus Award, November 15, 2008.

63. AIChE Particle Technology Forum’s Particle Technology Forum Award for Life Time Achievement, November 16- 21, 2008. 

62. Named as one of the ” One Hundred Engineers in the Modern Era” by the AIChE in Centennial Celebration of the AIChE, 2008.

61. International Pitt Award for Innovation in Coal Conversion presented at the 25th International Pittsburg Coal Conference, September 29 – October 2, 2008.

60. Shell Chair Professorship – Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, P. R. China, 2008.

59. Ohio State University President and Provost’s Award for Distinguished University Service, 2008.

58. Albert Einstein Chair Professorship – highest honorific visiting appointment, Chinese Academy of Science, 2008.

57. Distinguished Research Chair – highest honorific visiting appointment, National Taiwan University, January 2008 – December, 2010.

56.  Norman Li Lectureship, Wayne State University,  April 3, 2008.

55.  Chemical Engineering Science Most Cited Paper 2003-2006 Award for the paper “ECT Imaging of Three-Phase Fluidized Bed Based on Three-Phase Capacitance Model”, Chemical Engineering Science Volume 58, Issue 3-6, pages 823-832 (2003).

54. International Fluidization Award of Achievement, presented at the Engineering Conference International -  XII,  Harrison Hot Spring, British Columbia, Canada, May 17, 2007 (the highest honor in the field of fluidization, only nine individuals were awarded in the sixty-year history of this field. Citation: We are grateful for your commitment and contributions to fluidization and fluid-particle systems technology. It has been a privilege for all of us to know and to work with you. Your consistent dedication to excellence, commitment to education, persistence at research and service to the profession has provided leadership for the present and understanding for the future).

53.  Elected as Academician of the Academia Sinica, Republic of China,  at the 27th Convocation of the Academy held on  July 3-6, 2006 in Taipei, Taiwan.

52.  Distinguished Chemical Engineering Alumnus Award, National Taiwan University, November 12, 2005.

51.  Elected as a Correspondence Member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences, October 21, 2005.

50.  Joseph Sullivant Medal of the Ohio State University, given once only every five years -  the highest honor that the Ohio State University can bestow upon one of its alumni or faculty members for eminent achievements, awarded at Autumn Commencement, August 12, 2005.

49.  E. V. Murphree Award in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, American Chemical Society, 2006.

48.  Distinguished Visiting Professorship of the Mexican Academy of Sciences and the U.S.-Mexico Foundation for Science, June 13-17, 2005.

47.  Honorary Visiting  Professorship - University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST) and University of Leeds, U. K., 2004 – date; - Tsinghua University, P. R. China, 2005 – date.

46.  Elected to the Governing Board representing the U.S. at the International Congress of Multiphase Flows, June 1, 2004 - 2009.

45.  International Multiphase Flow Lectureship, Japanese Society for Multiphase Flow, October 27, 28, 2003.

44.  Ralph Peck Memorial Lectureship, Department of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, October 10, 2003.

43.  Appointed to C. John Easton Professorship of Engineering, The Ohio State University, October 1, 2003.

42.  Awarded an Honorary Doctoral Degree (Doctorate Honoris Causa) from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores en Engenieria, Puebla, Mexico, September 12, 2002 (Citation: “distinguished contributions to Engineering Education, outstanding contributions to Engineering Technology, and high interest in the Globalisation of Engineering.”

41.  Lectureship of the Centennial Lecture Series, Department of Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, November 14, 2001.

40.  Elected to National Academy of Engineering, February 16, 2001 (Citation: for his pioneering, multifaceted contributions to research and education in the field of fluidization and particle technology).

39.  2000 Malcolm E. Pruitt Award from the Council for Chemical Research (CCR) for “recognition of outstanding contributions to the progress of chemistry and chemical engineering by promotion of mutually beneficial interactions among universities, the chemical industry, and government,” September 10, 2000.

38.  Ohio State University, College of Engineering’s Minority Engineering Program Department of the Year Award, April 21, 2000 (recognizing outstanding Department efforts and leadership on minority program, receiving the award as Department Chair).

37.  Lectureship of the NCE Cullimore Memorial Lecture Series, New Jersey Institute of Technology, April 10, 2000.

36.  Elected to Fellow of AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), 2000.

35.  Elected to Fellow of AIChE, 2000.

34.  1999 Clara M. and Peter L. Scott Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education, Ohio State University (the highest award for Ohio State senior engineering faculty, one per year).

33.  ASEE Chemical Engineering Division Union Carbide Lectureship Award, 1999.

32.  Lectureship of the Inaugural Henry E. Bent Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Missouri-Columbia, March 4, 1999.

31.  Ohio State University Distinguished Department Teaching Award - representing the Department of Chemical Engineering to receive this highest Department Teaching Award at the OSU 1997 Spring Commencement.

30.  Powder Technology Journal Festschrift, Volume 100, Nos. 2, 3, December, 1998 (5th in 32 years of the journal so honored).

29.  West Virginia University Distinguished Chemical Engineering Alumnus Award, 1997.

28.  Selected for Best Articles in a Single-Subject Source Book for the paper "Particulates Reaction Engineering," by CEP (Chemical Engineering Process) for 1992-1995.

27.  Gary Leach Recognition Award of AIChE for Outstanding Group Service Contributions to the Particle Technology Forum, Nov. 12, 1996.

26.  1996 Alpha Chi Sigma Award for Chemical Engineering Research from the AIChE, Nov 11, 1996; Honoree at the Alpha Chi Sigma Award Symposium on Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Systems, AIChE Annual Meeting, Nov. 17, 1997.

25.  Named Distinguished University Professor by The Ohio State University (a permanent designation; highest honor OSU can bestow on a faculty member) May 14, 1996.

24.  FLOTU Prize, Tsinghua University, P.R China, May 20, 1996 (in recognition of academic and research excellence in fluidization and international education).

23.  Visiting Professorship of The Netherlands, appointed by the Dutch OSPT (Onderzoekschool Procestechnologie) - formed by seven Dutch research universities, June 1995-1997.

22.  1995 Fluidized Process Recognition Award from the Particle Technology Forum of the AIChE.

21.  Kramers Fysisch Technologisch Lectureship of Delft University of Technology, December 15, 1994 (on the occasion of the 45th Anniversary of the Kramers Laboratory for Physical Technology, 9th recipient; awarded every 5 years).

20.  Certificate of Recognition for Service to the Particle Technology Forum, from the Council of The AIChE, 1993; 1994; for Service to the Societal Impact Operating Council,2003,2004; for Excellence and Service as Chair of the AIChE International Committee, 2011-2012. 

19.  JAN-E. PURKYNE medal from Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Chemical Process Fundamentals, Sep. 1, 1993 (appointed to 9-member International Advisory Board of the Institute).

18.  1994 Institution Eminent Speaker Award from the Institution of Engineers (IEA), Australia (one chemical engineer selected per year).

17.  Alexander von Humbolt Research Award for U.S. Senior Scientists, 1993.

16.  1994 American Institute of Chemical Engineers' Fluidization Lectureship Award (sponsored by AIChE Group 3B – Fluidization and Fluid-Particle Committee).

15.  1994 Thomas Baron Award in Fluid-Particle System from Particle Technology Forum of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

14.  Honored as Undergraduate/Graduate Advisor - by the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE): for the Best Dissertation Award in Particle Science and Technology to Fanxing Li by AIChE’s Particle Technology Forum at the AIChE Annual Meeting, Salt Lakes City, Nov. 10, 2010; to Mahesh Iyer by AIChE’s Particle Technology Forum at the AIChE Annual Meeting, Salt Lakes City, Nov. 7, 2007; to Himanshu Gupta by AIChE’s Particle Technology Forum at the AIChE Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Nov. 5, 2002; and  to Rajeev Agnihotri at the AIChE Annual Meeting, Dallas, Nov. 2, 1999; for the 2nd place Award in the student poster competition at the AIChE Annual Meeting, to Greg Bass (a junior) at the AIChE annual meeting, Miami, November, 1996. - by American Filtration Society (AFS) for the Best Paper Award, for the paper authored by R. Eubanks and L.-S. Fan, presented at the AFS Annual Meeting, Chicago, May, 1992. - by The Ohio State University for the University's first Distinguished Dissertation in Engineering Award to K. Tsuchiya, Sept., 1990.

13.  International Outstanding Faculty Award, The Ohio State University (the first award offered by the University), 1992.

12.  Distinguished Visiting Professorship Award, National Natural Science Foundation of Peoples' Republic of China, 1991.

11.  Distinguished Visiting Scientist Award, JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) 1990, 2003.

10.  Fulbright-Hays Senior Scholar Award (to University of Cambridge, U.K.) 1990.

9.  Charles E. Macquigg Award for Outstanding Teaching, College of Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1989.

8.  Stanley E. Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education, The Ohio State University, 1987 (highest award for Ohio State junior engineering faculty, one per year).

7.  Innovation in Chemical Engineering Award, AIChE Central Ohio Section, 1985 (first award offered by the AIChE Central Ohio Section).

6.  Listed in Who's Who in Engineering, Who's Who in America, American Men and Women of Science, International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, 21st Century Award for Achievement, International Personality of the Year, International Scientist of the Year, etc.

5.  International Energy Expert Award from Ministry of Industry Trade and Interior of Japan, 1983

4.  Sigma Xi Research Award, The Ohio State University Sigma Xi Chapter, 1983

3.  The Ohio State University Distinguished Research Award, 1983

2.  Senior Research Award, College of Engineering, The Ohio State University, 1982, 1985 and 1989; and College of Engineering Lumley Research Award, 1993, 1998, 2002, 2014; Engineering Innovator Award, 2012.

1.  1980 Research Award of Battelle Memorial Institute.